This is how we begin
with soul and body

Finca San Francisco opens its doors to experience a different hotel concept, where we pay tribute to the work that the owner has done with the farm and where each unique room tells us part of this story. We trust in human warmth, the power of dreams and the importance of small details, so we intend to make you feel that this place is like your second home, where you will be cared for by the owners from the first moment you decide to stay. with us.

We are a small seasonal hotel and we provide service only by reservation, opening doors from November to early September due to our weather conditions. Located 1 hour and 45 minutes from the City of Tapachula, Chiapas. Mexico, we look forward to serving you and providing you with an exceptional stay.


Our Amenities

  • Free wireless internet.
    Gift shop
  • Infinity pool in the coffee plantation. Enjoy the relaxation of our small but cozy pool with all the views of the majestic coffee plantation, and our unique amenities.
  • Terrace in the “OCASO” area full of magic, tranquility and good books in German, English and Spanish.
  • Movie night with fresh homemade popcorn.
    Vegetables produced on the farm.

El Patrón

Exclusively by reservation

7:30 am a 9:00 pm

El Patrón is a German chef, who believes that the love for cooking comes from the bottom of the heart, accompanied by an unforgettable seasoning. With this, he creates edible art.

We encourage you to enjoy the view of the coffee plantation, the beauty of our bonsai orchids and anthuriums, the warm lighting, the aroma of spices and the tasting of our exquisite German, international and local cuisine.

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